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Astro Buddha Agogo

Meet the swinging trio Astro Buddha Agogo. To them, there is no such thing as children's music or adult music - only good music. The group plays with the same energy and joy no matter who they play for. They start a party, engage the audience, and take children as adults seriously as listeners.

Børnekulturhus Ama'r celebrates the summer and this year's Copenhagen Jazz Festival with 3 days of outdoor music for the whole family on Musiktorvet. Musiktorvet is the official name for the covered space close to our house on Øresundsvej, so there is a dry weather guarantee even though we meet outdoors.
We follow the Covid-19 rules and ensure clear signage, copious amounts of rubbing alcohol and plenty of space between the families. Everyone over the age of 15 must be able to present a valid corona passport and ID.

Line up:
  • Michael Blicher - Saxofon og tværfløjte
  • Dan Hemmer - Hammond orgel
  • Anders Holm - Trommer

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