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Modern Experimental Free Jazz Avantgarde DKK 1 koncert: 80 DKK (10 €) 2 koncerter: 120 DKK (15€) Hele dagen: 200 DKK (25€) Billetter sælges kun i døren.

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This trio sets out to conquer your heats with inventive, open music.
Over the past 10 years, Kasper Tom has made his name on the European
improv- and advantgarde-scene. Kasper's music draw inspiration from modern composition, but is also imbued with a great deal of melancholy and a unique sense of melody.
Jacob Anderskov has released close to 20 albums as a leader and co-leader since his debut in 2001. He has received numerous awards and has been acclaimed by the international press as a great voice in contemporary music. His work ranges from improvised works in small groups to fully composed pieces for larger ensembles. This concert will be a seldom oppportunity to experience Anderskov on accordion!
Sven Dam Meinild is a musical octopus. Moving effortlessly in most musical settings from balkan over pop music to avantgarde jazz, he is a crucial part of bands like Guldimund and Ocean Fanfare.
"This is a very intimate piece of music, humble in a way, so...

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Line up:
  • Kasper Tom (tr)
  • Sven Dam Meinil (sax)
  • Jacob Anderskov (acc)

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