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Nikolaj Hess + Sidssel Vera

A strong common feature about their musicality is a search for the open and spontaneous, where improvisation is the principal element. The expression is organic and transparent, and beneath the surface lays an enormous musical virtuosity that
also allows the two musicians to sometimes go in for the intensely understated.

The duos repertoire varies from original compositions to covers and free-impros. Together they erase the differences between the traditional soloist and accompanist, finding a wider landscape for musical creativity, always focusing on spontaneity, playfulness and close interaction. The use of live electronics broadens the acoustic sound and creates an ambient and transparent soundscape which is constantly changing. The music will often find unexpected paths; jazz, folk, freeform, African ostinates, Indian ragas, noise, chorals and ambient electronica are main sources of inspiration, which all boil down to the essence: the art of improvising and a ...

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