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Acoustic Lounge

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Acoustic Lounge is a percussion based band playing a varied repertoire of jazz, soul and latin classics in new arrangements. The musical basis of the band is the good composition based on Cuban, Brazilian and African grooves.
Behind the microphone you will find the versatile singer and pianist, Søren Baun, who also composed two new songs appearing on the album, including the title track, THE SOUND.

Bassist, Jesper Bodilsen, is one of Denmark’s most popular jazz musicians. Touring all over the world, he has established him- self as an internationally renowned artist with a long-standing collaboration with both Ed Thigpen and Stefano Bollani.

The band was founded more than 10 years ago by percus- sionists Mikkel Schnettler and Michael Hartvig. The double- percussion gives the band its unique sound, colouring the music and giving each song its own rhythmic character.

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Line up:
  • Søren Baun vocal and piano
  • Claus Waidtløv Tenor sax
  • Michael Hartvig Percussion
  • Mikkel Schnettler Percussion
  • Matthis Petri Bass

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