Kjeld Lauritsen Hammond Trio

Open Air Modern Smooth Jazz Swing Vocal DKK 75kr. (inkl. Øl/Vin)

Free admission

Kjeld Lauritsen

”You play like me, only upside down”. These were the words of legendary blues piano master ”Champion Jack Dupree”, when he met Kjeld Lauritsen and aquainted his keyboard playing many years ago.

Kjeld, heavily inspired by the modern jazz masters, worked hard on his right hand solo playing, leaving the left hand alone. No so Dupree, with his heavy twohanded approach. Kjeld started working at the bottom of the keyboard, which has helped him a lot later in his career.

Tired of the worn-out pianos and loud bands in blues he began a career as a Hammond Player. His organ-jazz has been so much in demand that he hardly has played a piano-gig since then.

Following the great masters he mixes jazz and blues, but always with some compositions of his own and an unexpected twist to his music. A mainstay of Copenhagens nightspot, The La Fontaine, he has been a prominent figure in danish jazz for the last decades.

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Line up:
  • Kjeld Lauritsen, hammond orgel
  • Per Gade, guitar
  • Espen Laub, trommer

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