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Jumpin' Jacks

Free admission

Jumpin 'Jacks - Seductive Joy of Life!
Do you want to experience exuberant energy, festive zest for life and irresistible
charisma? Here's the opportunity!
Jumpin ’Jacks delivers musical entertainment that sets both feet
and moving hearts. They don’t just get beyond the stage edge, though
grabs the mood and seduces the audience.
Jumpin ’Jacks provides both dance-friendly energy, but also manages to
create an intimate atmosphere.
With a huge presence and empathy, Jumpin ’Jacks gives, time and time again
audience a unique experience.
The sound you know - Like you've never heard it before!
Jumpin 'Jacks is characterized by the charming sound of the' 50s
immortalized by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash and many
With this authentic zest for life, Jumpin ’Jacks embraces enormously wide, on
across many genres.
It's not about what you play, but how
one p...

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Line up:
  • Bo Møller guitar
  • Stefan Andersen
  • Thomas Valter bas og vokal

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