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Tranquebar was formed in April 2011 as a portable and lo-fi musical experiment. Its historical namesake – the present day town of Tharangambadi – was founded by castaway seamen of the Danish East India Company on the coast of Tamil Nadu in 1620. Like its seafaring predecessors, the band travels light and can be crammed into four rucksacks and a cargo bike. The musical universe haunts the colonial imagination and scours the fringes of modernity like a fleet of whalers through the North Atlantic mist or a band of headhunters through the deep forests of Borneo or Sarawak. The setup comprises banjo, accordion, cajon and a singer. Tranquebar normally makes 4-6 appearances per night in bars and taverns across Copenhagen. Preferably, the venues are improvised and the crowds loud.

Line up:
  • Grit Jensen, vokal
  • Michael Eich-Høilund, percussion
  • Anders Munk, Harmonika
  • Nicolai Kaarsen, Banjo
  • Anders Bo Eriksen, tuba

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