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Iris Bergcrantz Kvartet

Iris Bergcrantz
The Swedish singer and composer Iris Bergcrantz ́s voice has been described
as sonorous, beautiful, honest, and sensitive. Iris has released two albums in
her own name: Different Universe and Young Dreams which both were
received with fantastic reviews around the world. The second album Young
Dreams got nominated for a Danish Music Award for Best Vocal Jazz 2020.
She has performed at venues such as A-Trane in Berlin, Rochester
International jazz festival in New York State, London á capella festival, and
around Europe. Iris got nominated for a Swedish Grammy for Best Folk
Music 2019 with the group Åkervinda and the same year, the group performed
at one of Sweden's largest television programs: Allsång på Skansen.

Press quotes:
”Iris grabs hold of the listener with her strong feeling”
”Most of all she seems to be rooted in a feeling. She does this in every given pi...

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Line up:
  • Iris Bergcrantz - Voc
  • Calle Brickman - Piano
  • Anders Fjeldsted - Bass
  • Andreas Fryland - Drums

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