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Orgel Duo - BørneJazz

Free admission

OrgelDu; A musical journey!

The sun dances across the azure sea. The shoulders sink, and everyday life disappears in a time with the captivating rhythms, which is slowly approaching.

Welcome to an all-inclusive music journey where Mr & Mrs. OrganDuo gives free access to the buffet, which abounds in sweaty drum rhythms, dusty Hammond organ, and high-spirited mood!

Throw yourself in the pool and experience a friendly interaction and great musical surplus. From here you can enjoy the view of the proud jazz traditions, hypnotic beats, and fun melodies - all at no extra charge.

OrgelDuo invites you into their unpretentious universe where everyone can join in, just remember to fill the glass completely and find your inner curious tourist!

In the heads of Daniel Sommer on drums and Simon Eskildsen on organ hides a magical musical comic book world filled with jazz, adventure and a very special older couple under...

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Line up:
  • Simon Eskildsen - Orgel
  • Daniel Sommer Trommer

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