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Martinis For Børn - Børne Jazz

Free admission

Jazzsinger and songwriter Kira Martini, and her crew of swinging jazz-crocodiles, is a sparkling experience for kids and their adults. Lively rythms from south and north, is played and sung, in a colorful universe full of openminded fun and improvisation. The music is written by Kira Martini, and the lyrics are in danish, and speaks about both small and grand observations, about funny little friends, and encounters. About traveling to Brazil, and how to remember to keep ones imagination close at heart. Come along for some lighthearted happy music for the little ones.

Line up:
  • Kira Martini - Vocal
  • Mads Søndergård - Piano
  • Joel Illerhaag - Bass
  • Morten Ærø - Drums

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