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PJ Fossum: Amalgamation-Integration

Free admission

Amalgamation-Integration is a project three years in the making. PJ Fossum injects electronic sounds into the acoustic piano using transducers, transforming the soundboard of the piano itself into a speaker. In addition to a unique timbral quality, this transducer-piano induces the strings to resonate with the sounds that are played through it creating haunting and mysterious reverberations. Performing alone and with his duo partner for this evening: clarinetist Matthías Sigurðsson, Fossum processes acoustic and electronic sound before it enters his transducer-piano to create an electro-acoustic integration of an amalgamation consisting not only of sound but of memories, moods and aesthetics.

Line up:
  • PJ Fossum - Transducer Piano & Electronics
  • Matthías Sigurðsson - Clarinet

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