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Lars Jansson Trio & Hans Ulrik - UDSOLGT

Modern DKK 120 / 100

With Lars Jansson, one of Sweden's most established jazz pianists, at the piano of JazzCup, one can expect some of the best Scandinavian jazz: living, creative, warm, and melodic music. This brilliant pianist interacts heavily with bassist Thomas Fonnesbæk and drummer Paul Svanberg swing almost shamelessly.

Hans Ulrik is one of Denmark’s most popular and dedicated jazz musicians. He is renowned not only for his Scandinavian sound but also for his versatility. All through his career he has led his own bands, but his focus enables him to contribute to other’s projects without losing his own identity. His exquisite and solid playing is in great demand, leading him through a long list of freelance assignments and session jobs. These abilities combined with a genuinely professional attitude have made him one of the great saxophonists in his generation.

Line up:
  • Lars Jansson (p)
  • Thomas Fonnesbæk (b)
  • Paul Svanberg (dr)
  • +
  • Hans Ulrik (sax)

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