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Malene Kjærgård Jorden rundt

Free admission

Around the world with Malene Kjærgård
- winner of the Danish Music Award, the Children's Jazz Prize 2020 and the Carl Prize "Children's Composer of the Year" 2021

Why does Hawaii look like a giant chocolate cake? Why is Ernesto's mother so harsh on the island of Trinidad? And why would Malene's grandfather want chili con carne and not flowers on his grave when he's dead? For a concert "Around the World", the children join an interactive musical journey where they, among other things. will be able to experience "Day of the Dead" in Mexico, a gossip party in Trinidad, have the opportunity to relax at Copacabana, dance loose in Ghana or take part in the world's longest train ride through Russia. The children will encounter stories that give them a sense that all children on earth basically have a lot in common.

The story

Malene is on holiday with his grandfather. Time stands still and she is bored. Therefore, she goes e...

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Line up:
  • Malene Kjærgård – Vocal
  • Maj Berit Guassora– Trompet, ukulele, percussion
  • Johannes Wamberg – Guitar
  • Tobias Dall – Kontrabas
  • Tira Skamby - Percussion

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