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Nelle Trio

Free admission

A trio of musicians from Copenhagen recorded an album about the difficulties and challenges of living in a foreign country.
Karolina Śmietana (vocals), Radek Wośko (drums) and Stian Swensson (guitar), who had been living and thriving on the Danish music scene for 12 years, decided to tell for the first time what it is like to be an immigrant.
Music reflect the variety of emotions associated with trying to adapt to a new space and placing yourself in it as an individual. Through music, we observe the evolution of identity and character, related to the experience of moving to a foreign country. There is a place for longing, desires, self-doubt, strength, disappointment and faith

Line up:
  • Karolina Śmietana (vocals),
  • Radek Wośko (drums)
  • Stian Swensson (guitar)

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