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Møllehøj/Fryland/Andersson feat. Signe Juhl

Free admission

Signe Juhl is undoubtedly one of the greatest contemporary jazz singers in Denmark – a true talent highly aware of her vocal expression.
Per Møllehøj, Richard Andersson and Andreas Fryland are three sought-after musicians on the Danish jazz scene.
After playing five years as a trio, they have committed a gem of an album, gently reviving some of the finest tunes in the jazz catalogue. A throwback to the golden age of jazz in the ‘40s and ‘50s, but with a modern twist.
Please book a free ticket if you prefer to be seated.

Line up:
  • Signe Juhl: vokal, Per Møllehøj: guitar, Richard Andersson: bas, Andreas Fryland: trommer.

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