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Jonas Due Four

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The young trumpeter Jonas Due is on stage for the first time with the quartet in his own name.
In recent years, Due has made a name for himself on the Danish and international stage as a band leader in the group OTOOTO and as a side man in everything from DR's Bigband, Kresten Osgood Kvintet and to the Polish punk-jazz group Pimpono Ensemble.

The group consists of the Finnish synth wizard Nikita Naberukhin, the Aarhus drum phenomenon Frederik Bülow and the big-swinging Swedish double bassist Simon Petersson. In this unprecedented constellation, the group's task is to unfold under Due's compositions, which are based on a crossroads between modern jazz, lyrical melodies and pulsating beats.

Line up:
  • Jonas Due - Trumpet/kompostion
  • Nikita Naberukhin - Synths
  • Frederik Bülow - Drums
  • Simon Petersson - Bass

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