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Efternøler / Goodwin / Dybbroe (DK/UK)

Experimental DKK 120/80 pr. aften - 10 dages pas 900/700

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While the pandemic blew over the world, people quarantined, and audiences disappeared, Meanwhile, Anne Efternøler, Maria Dybbroe and Carolyn Goodwin had secret meetings in Copenhagen. The idea: to gather regularly and keep their music alive until the pandemic was over. The result is a closely connected trio, who had its debut concert on the ILK stage during Vinterjazz 2022. Now they are back at 5E, this time to record an album in what they consider, the optimal surrounding and acoustic for their music. The combination of two woodwinds and trumpet has endless possibilities for sonic collisions, in a wide-ranging world of harmony and sound. This quarantine trio explores a chamber music aesthetic with a both dense and naked expression, where everything is open for negotiation.

Line up:
  • Anne Efternøler - trompet
  • Maria Dybbroe - saxofoner
  • Carolyn Goodwin - klarinetter

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