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The Home of Easy Credit (US/DK)

Experimental DKK 120/80 pr. aften - 10 dages pas 900/700

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A husband and wife band that formed in New York over a decade ago, The Home of Easy Credit has been delivering on the promise of their first album on Northern Spy ever since. Using improvisation as a method, they supersede the free improvisation genre through the incorporation of diverse musical elements, from haunting vocal melodies and textural soundscapes, to jazz vocabulary, even featuring rock aesthetics in their improvisations. Since their founding, they have proven to be one of the world’s most flexible and resilient musical groups, touring the U.S., Europe, and Japan, working as a duo and with guest artists, recording their own improvisations, the music of Anthony Braxton, and currently working on an album of baroque music.

Line up:
  • Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen (US/DK) - saxophones, flute, clarinets, electronics, vocals
  • Tom Blancarte (US) - bass, euphonium

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