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Mark Solborg - Babel (DK/ITA/PT)

Experimental DKK 120/80 pr. aften - 10 dages pas 900/700

No advance tickets

A compositional investigation of musical languages and conversation among humans.

Is the myth of BABEL about God creating communicative discord to control man, or to nurture fertile diversity?
A disruption of a self-efficient echo-chamber, to furnish a more varied and complex perspective developing the world? Maybe she wanted to show us that we will find strength to solve the problems of the planet in each others differences and qualities, not in uniformity and polarisation?

With his multilingual Danish/Argentinian background, travels and studies all over the world Solborg has experienced how the words, our idioms and mother-tongues are deeply connected with our view of ourselves and the way we resonate with the surrounding world. With BABEL he seeks to investigate, illustrate and raise awareness of the continuous cross-cultural debate. A conversation that becomes increasingly important if we are to solve the challenges of our society and species. ...

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Line up:
  • Susana Santos Silva - trumpet
  • Francesco Bigoni - reeds
  • Anders Banke - reeds & flute
  • MS - guitars & devices
  • Simon Toldam - piano & keys
  • Peter Bruun - drums & percussion

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