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Thana Alexa (US/DK)

Modern Vocal DKK 325/250 kr + gebyr

Surprising is the word that perhaps best describes Grammy® nominated and Downbeat cover artist, Thana Alexa, an extraordinarily creative force in music. An awe-inspiring vocalist, composer, arranger and producer – for whom the voice is both a lyrical and experimental instrument – her music pushes the boundaries of the genre into new and unexplored territory with deep seeded roots in jazz and overtones of contemporary soul and world music. Perhaps Alexa’s most important and ongoing collaboration has been with her husband, five-time Grammy® winner Antonio Sanchez (composer for the Oscar winning Birdman film and drummer with Pat Metheny for 20 years).

Line up:
  • Thana Alexa (vokal), Benjamin Koppel (saxofon), Søren Møller (piano), Scott Colley (bas), Antonio Sanchez (trommer)

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