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Rune Lohses Accordion World

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2022 @Mellemrummet

--- Rune Lohses Accordion World (Ulander/Kjæbye/Kimestad/Lohse) ---

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Lars-Göran Ulander is a giant in the Swedish free jazz environment and has played on numerous recordings and is still managing to keep a personal and spontaneous attitude. He has among many others collaborated with Per Henrik Wallin and Palle Danielsson.

Kuno Kjærbye is a classicly trained violinist with a tendency for dancing. His constant strive for making classical scenes accept and play improvised music has led him in the arms of this group. The background is easily heard throughout the music and is a fresh voice, once again, to remind us all to mix the genres(if such a thing excist).

Erik Kimestad is an est...

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Line up:
  • Lars-Göran Ulander - sax
  • Kuno Kjæbye - violin
  • Erik Kimestad - trompet
  • Rune Lohse - trommer

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