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Sölvi Kolbeinsson/Vincent Audusseau "hamamelidae"

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2022 @Mellemrummet

--- hamamelidae (Sölvi Kolbeinsson/Vincent Audusseau) ---

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hamamelidae is a duo consisting of Icelandic saxophonist Sölvi Kolbeinsson and French pianist Vincent Audusseau. The two friends met in Berlin in 2016 and after collaborating together on different projects they performed for the first time as a duo in 2018. Since then, they continue to play together with infinite possibilities opened up by this new experience. Their music navigates through different sketches connected by the link of improvisation. Hamamelidae explores with curiosity the multiple soundscapes that their instruments can create together, blending softly in time their sounds and personalities. Sölvi also plays clarinet and Vincent uses pr...

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Line up:
  • Sölvi Kolbeinsson - alto sax
  • Vincent Audusseau - piano

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