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Czajka & Puchacz

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2022 @Mellemrummet

--- Czajka & Puchacz ---

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The Copenhagen based duo Czajka & Puchacz released their first, predominantly acoustic album Bivališča in July 2020, and followed up with a retro-avant-pop single Entschuldigung of their alter duo Kiebitz & Uhu a year later. Since their second release, which explored experimental songwriting within a field of existentialism and abstraction of daily life, the pair has continued exploring ways to merge instant songwriting with the aesthetics of European school of free improvisation and the idiom of musique concrete present on Bivališča.

Kaja Draksler is a Slovenian pianist and composer. After her
studies in the Netherlands, she decided to stay in Amsterdam,

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Line up:
  • Kaja Draksler (SI) - prepared piano, keyboards and percussion
  • Szymon Gasiorek (PL) - drums, percussion and electronics

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