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Matt Choboter's Hypnagogia (CA/IT/DK)

Experimental DKK 100 DKK / Stud. 50 DKK

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Formed in 2020, Hypnagogia embraces an umwelt of liminal qualitative states identifying with meditative experiences and the aesthetics of disorientation and ambiguity. Together, the pieces might be conceived as a night of restless sleep embracing both trance like fantasy and transitional states between the dream world and wakefulness. Disorientation, ambiguity and illusion created through a delicate balance of karnatik-driven rhythm, post-romantic melodic pointillism and a kaleidoscopic group sound with continuous and shifting improvisation.

Line up:
  • Francesco Bigoni – clarinet, tenor saxophone
  • Anders Banke – bass clarinet
  • Matt Choboter – prepared piano/compositions
  • Luca Sguera – midi patches, sound design
  • Matias Seibæk – Balinese gongs, vibraphone, cymbals
  • Jan Kadereit – percussion, modified drum kit

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