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Lea Havelund & Mads Søndergaard.

Lea Havelund (vocals and cello) and Mads Søndergaard (piano and accordion) play Lea's newly composed music mixed with interpretations of jazz standards. The music written for song, cello, piano and accordion is original, evocative and varied.
Lea draws inspiration from many different genres and countries, and in her arrangements and compositions you can thus hear, among other things. elements of tango, Nordic folk music and jazz. At the same time, the soft sound of the cello reveals that the foundation has been laid in classical music. In this musical encounter, a subtle universe is formed, which is difficult to define in terms of genre, but very exciting to listen to!

The cellist and singer Lea Havelund has created a completely new poetic and virtuoso universe, where the voice mixes warmly with the cello. Her classical master's education, instinctive musicality and good ear for all kinds of music make her an original composer and arranger. And the resul...

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Line up:
  • Lea Havelund - Cello/ vocal
  • Mads Søndergaard - Keys

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