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Thorbjørn Stefansson Trio

Thorbjørn Stefansson Trio is a band based in Berlin. The German/
danish trio consists of Julius Gawlik on Tenor Saxophone, Marius
Wankel on Drums, and Thorbjørn Stefansson on Double-bass. All three
members are well-known faces on the Berlin Jazz-scene and have all
played with bigger names around Europe.
The band takes inspiration from both the avantgarde and swingtradition, and while the compositions are reaching out for something
new, the music is always played with both feet firmly placed on the
ground. The music can therefore also be seen as an attempt to merge
the different expressions. This creates a special energy, that an
audience as well as the band members can feel.
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Thorbjørn Stefansson: (1997)
Thorbjørn Stefansson, born and raised in Denmark, is a double-bassplayer
that since 2019 have ...

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Line up:
  • Julius Gawlik på - Tenorsaxophone
  • Thorbjørn Stefansson - Bass
  • Marius Wankel - Drums

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