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Trækfuglene - familiekoncert m. BonNoir Trio

Modern Vocal Fusion Jazz for Kids World/Folk DKK 90 kr voksen entre/ 60 student entre

The migratory birds travel each year between the North and Africa. The Trio brings the audience along on the long trip to West Africa on strong wings. Here they will meet the hunter, who has to change his weapon into a musical instrument and for the future turn all pain into joy.

BonNoir Trio take inspiration in traditionel music from West Africa, Blues og andJazz. The music is open, groovy and lyrical, with lots of space for improvisation and the magic of the moment.
Katrine Suwalski saxophonist, composer and front figure of her own group Another
World. She has released eight CD’s in her own name. Her music is also being recognised in Africa where she has been touring several times.

Simon Winse vocalist, flutist, n’goni player, composer, originally from Burkina Faso but lives in Paris where he leads his own group Dangada. He has released the CD Dangada.

He tours the world with the actor Etienne Minoungou.
Ayi Solomo...

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Line up:
  • Simon Winsé (BF/FR): Peule, N*Goni og LÁrc a Bouche, Vokal
  • Katrine Suwalski (DK): Saxofon, Fløjte, Vokal
  • Ayi Solomon (GH/DK): Percussion, Vokal

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