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Jeremy Troy + Ida Duelund (solo)

Modern Electronic DKK 120

With only a few concerts and almost no music out, Jeremy Troy has managed to create a name for himself on the Danish scene.
His concerts have gained a reputation for being eclectic, present and intense. An energy bomb you can't stand still too. With him he brings Jakob De Place - drums, Philip Akrofi - bass & Viggo Bandholm - keys. Sources of inspiration include David Bowie, Sun Ra, Prince, Can, Wu Tang Clan, Thelonious Monk etc. It's hard to categorize Jeremy Troy and his music. His concerts can be experienced as a kind of ceremony where love, closeness, movement and rhythm are put in balance and shared intimately with the audience. In addition to working with his own music, he is also part of Julie Pavon's live setup and is part of The Secret Life of Trees collective from Aarhus which also includes Josephin Bovién, Yellow Spoon and others.

Ida Duelund is an explosive and uncompromising musician who exudes presence. When she plays solo, she lets her double bass...

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Line up:
  • Jeremy Troy -Jakob De Place - drums, Philip Akrofi - bass & Viggo Bandholm - keys.
  • Ida Duelund (solo)

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