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Jeppe Zeeberg and the Absolute Pinnacle of Human Achievement

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Jeppe Zeeberg is a composer and pianist and one of the most original and headstrong figures on the Danish music scene. His music has been called "A beautiful, convincing proposal for how modern jazz or contemporary music may sound" by All About Jazz, and he is active in countless contexts, both as a bandleader and as part of the underground gem Horse Orchestra.
The Absolute Pinnacle of Human Achievement consists of a handful of Denmark's most uncompromising and idiosyncratic instrumentalists, and the group's music is a kind of experimental, funky post-postmodernist punk jazz hybrid with a rock'n'roll attitude and a bit of concept composition on top.

Line up:
  • Jeppe Zeeberg - orgel, piano
  • Henrik Olsson - guitar
  • Casper Nyvang Rask - bas
  • Søren Høi - trommer

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