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Pauline Hogstrand + Sús (SE/PT)

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Two amazing concerts at Brønshøj Vandtårn

Pauline Hogstrand (SE)
Hailing from Piteå, the northeast of Sweden, Pauline Hogstrand (Damkapellet, Crush String
Collective) is an eclectic viola player and composer, based in Copenhagen since 2009. Hogstrand appears as an artist in various constellations; from Baroque ensembles and contemporary sceneries, to free improvising and composing new universes of sound. Her solo works implement composed structures in cyclic and extended forms for varied instrumentations ranging from strings, recorder, pipes, percussive instruments and synthesis, in electroacoustic and acoustic formats. Hogstrand’s music is rich within the use of harmonic and rhythmic texture in suggestive dynamic motions. Her compositions explores the inherent spectral properties of sound and their ability to transcend time and space, body and unitary. In 2020 Pauline Hogstrand released her debut album ‘The Enterer’ as a solo artist, in collabora...

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