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Barefoot Records Labelfest: Henrik Olsson - Hand of Benediction

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On day 1 of the Barefoot Label Fest you can look forward seeing guitar player Henrik Olsson whom has attracted great attention through projects as Olsson|Rubin and EHM, as well as a sideman in Jeppe Zeeberg & The Absolute Pinnacle of Human Achievement.
His visions as a composer is manifested through his own groups, and his latest project Hand of Benediction released in 2019 a critically acclaimed record, that was included on the New York City Jazz Records list of “Best New Releases 2019” and Vital Weekly has called the album "a lovely madness and a very remarkable statement".
The following album will be released later in 2022 and the guitar-bass-drum trio has now expanded into a quartet with the remarkable Egil Kalman on modular synth. Egil is known from countless successful Scandinavian groups, such as the Norwegian trio Miman, and an improvising duo with pianist Zoe Efstathiou. Drummer Rune Lohse is well known for his work with Horse Orchestra, Michael Rexen and Kl...

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Line up:
  • Henrik Olsson - Electric Guitar
  • Egil Kalman - Modular Synthesizer
  • Jeppe Skovbakke - Electric Bass
  • Rune Lohse - Drums

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