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Barefoot Records Labelfest: Tactical Maybe! Release concert!

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On day 1 of the Barefoot Label Fest you can look forward seeing Tactical Maybe.

Tactical Maybe is the collective name of the sonic nexus points located between two pairs of beings known as: Halym and Nana Pi Aabo-Kim, and Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen and Tom Blancarte, whose global roots in USA, Germany, Denmark, Mexico and South Korea, combine and meet within the experimental and improvised music scenes of Denmark. Their music presents a multiverse of possibilities navigated by a quatrologue of choices informed by lives lived in a multitude of musics, resulting in a pulsating expanse of actions and non-actions, pitches and textures, sounds and space - all of which astound listeners and the musicians themselves. Tonight they celebrate the release of their eponymous first CD on Barefoot Records.


Look forward to get inspired, touched, surprised and challenged, when the artist-collective Barefoot Records for ...

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Line up:
  • Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen (DK/US) - alto, baritone, soprano saxophones, flute, alto clarinet, voice & electronics
  • Nana Pi Aabo-Kim (DK) - tenor saxophone & objects
  • Tom Blancarte (US) - upright bass & euphonium
  • Halym Aabo-Kim (DE) - drums

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