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Barefoot Records Labelfest; Håkon Berre - Mirror Matter

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On day 2 of the Barefoot Label Fest you can look forward seeing the Norwegian Håkon Berre whom has established himself as one of the most interesting drummers on the Danish scene for improvised music.

Having expanded his diverse floor-setupwith a vast diversity of trash and objects, he juggles scrupulously with materials such as metal, plastic, cardboard, paper, wood and expanded pylostyrene on top of a horizontally lying bass drum.

In the solo project “Mirror Matter”, Håkon focuses mostly on friction / bodies in motion, where he works on a macro level with different objects and their possibilities for friction /vibration, and the resonance it subsequently produces on a receptive sounding board. In addition, the sound is processed electronically using contact microphones and computer software.

Håkon’s inventive and energetic drumming has brought him to numerous clubs and festivals all around the world, and can be heard on a discog...

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Line up:
  • Håkon Berre - drums, objects, electronics

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