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Barefoot Records Labelfest: Stamp

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On day 3 of the Barefoot Label Fest you can look forward to STAMP - a quintet setting around Bern based pianist Stefan Schultze and Berlin based saxophonist Peter Ehwald with its traditional form trumpet and tenor plus piano trio is a homage to Jazz itself and yet at the same time creates a context which demands reformulation and recalibration.

Both leaders developed music that leaves maximal space for communication in a limited but dearly loved musical frame. No over-information - the composition formulate the most important terms for the ensemble to create improvisatorial moments - directly and emotional. Tomasz Dabrowski and Peter Ehwald are two very different exiting soloists who are constantly highlighting contrapuntal nuances. To hear the piano trio with Stefan Schultze and Andreas Lang (b) and Moritz Baumgärtner (dr) filling the space in this music is both thrilling and surprising.


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Line up:
  • Tomasz Dabrowski - trumpet
  • Peter Ehwald - saxophonist
  • Stefan Schultze - piano
  • Andreas Lang - double bass
  • Moritz Baumgärtner - drums

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