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Jan Lundgren with Strings: Tribute to Jan Johansson (INT)

Traditional DKK 250

The Swedish jazz pianist Jan Lundgren plays with an unsurpassed and deeply personal poetic sensitivity that goes straight to the heart of the listener. He lifts the legacy of Sweden's great pianist Jan Johansson like no other. And when he interprets Jan Johansson's works, it is with great care and curiosity. These tribute concerts are primarily based on the music from the iconic albums Jazz På Svenska, Jazz På Ryska and Jazz På Ungerska. The basic harmony has been preserved, but Lundgren has certainly left his own imprint on the music.

With Mattias Svensson and the string quartet, something completely unique is added to Lundgren's playing. It's great music from a previous era, interpreted with passion and love performed with love by the musicians.

These concerts are presented by Jazzhus Montmartre in collaboration with Musiksyndikatet og Musikhuset København.

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Line up:
  • Jan Lundgren (Piano / SE)
  • Mattias Svensson (Bass / SE)
  • Johannes Dickbauer (Violin / AT)
  • Emily Stewart (Violin / UK)
  • Lena Fanhauser Campregher (Viola / CA)
  • Asja Valcic (Cello / HR)

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