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Nordal Twang feat. Fredrik Lundin

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“Music that brings you on a journey through a string-sonic universe, that unites
the dirty energy of rock music with the dusty and longing vibe of country music,
and the rich harmonics of jazz music.” - Jazzklubben
Nordal Twang plays instrumental jazz/rock with great ambitions. The music incites
grand soundscapes, that let your mind wander freely. The compositions embrace
both simplicity alongside melodious expressions and thoroughly composed
sections, in order to create a space for immersion.
The music is inspired by americana and the dusty Tarantino style; one could
name it cowboy jazz. The band explores evocative tones and voices, having
found a unique sound where the energy of rock meets the complexity of jazz.
Twang refers to the rusty blues-inspired sound from the southern states of
America, which is expressed and united with the blue Nordic tone. The album,
“South of the Border” explores ...

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Line up:
  • Jesper Nordal – bandleader, guitar, loops.
  • Esben Eyermann – bas.
  • Jesper Uno Kofoed: trommer.
  • Fredrik Lundin – saxofon.

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