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Nikolaj Hess New York Quartet feat. Tony Scherr & Marc Mommaas & Jochen Rückert (US/DK)

Vocal Mainstream DKK 160

NH brings together two exciting New York collaborations in an imaginative, virtuosic, hard swinging super quartet.

The undertone of the music is ever playful and listening, with a melodic nerve and captivating communication. Tony Scherr's raw vibrating bass together with Rückerts dynamic drums, form a pulsating sounding board and dialogue with Hess and Mommaas' expressive lyrical explorations on a journey of evocative ballads, hypnotic grooves and swing, cinematic soundscapes and singing melodies.

The music will be NH's compositions mixed with visits from Ellington, Monk, Standards, etc.

Top tier American / European jazz!

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