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Rolf Hansen - releasekoncert for 'Tableau'

Modern Experimental Avantgarde DKK 100 (50 kr. for studerende)

Guitarist and composer Rolf Hansen released his first purely instrumental album in Germany in September 2019 on the Berlin-based label Karaoke Kalk. The title was programmatic: "Electric Guitar"
explored the electric guitar as a solo instrument in 13 sonically very diverse compositions. "His style is marked by great clarity and artistic maturity, his compositions remain melodically accessible and emotionally open at every moment despite a desire to experiment, and the whole album is carried by a sovereign independence and warmth" wrote about "Elektrisk Guitar"

On "Tableau",the Copenhagen-based composer and musician further explores the sonic possibilities of the electric guitar by opting for a radically different approach and putting great limitations on himself as a performer. »Tableau« is an experimental record in the truest sense of the word, eschewing conventional modes of playing the instrument and instead turning the guitar into a sou...

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Line up:
  • Rolf Hansen - elektrisk guitar, effekter

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