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Flamenco Passion Trio

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Flamenco / Woldfusion / Crossover
Compositions where warmth, energy and temperament of the South meet with evocative melodic melancholy of the North
FLAMENCOPASSION has played in most of Denmark since 2000 – concerts, matinees, cultural events and as exclusive dinner music.
Has i.a. played at Malmö Guitar Festival 2004 in Musikhuset Jeriko and at the 1st international flamenco festival Ankara 2007, Womex Globenhagen Showcase, Winter Jazz and at Copenhagen Jazz Festival since 2012 and has had various guest musicians with such as. Mikkel Nordsø, Bjarke Falgren and Mathias Heise.
In 2003, the first CD “Flamenco Passion” was released on Cope Records.
“Poul Jacek Knudsen and his fellow musicians, Nicolai Land: bass, and Anders Pedersen: percussion, are all technically proficient and the compositions are stylistically extremely well proportioned.” (World music magazine “Djembe”)
“The title says almost everything. It is the Spanish f...

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Line up:
  • Poul Jacek Knudsen: guitar
  • Nicolai Land: bass
  • Anders Pedersen: cajon / percussion

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