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Sisa Feher

Free admission

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Line up:
  • Sisa Feher - Arcus
  • Arcus is a search for the sound of a contrast of dystopic expectations viewed by a sentimental devoted individual and finding a grain of optimism in an overall tragic situation without overlooking the consequences.
  • Unusual songs addressed to you as well as to the unborn generation are poiting out the horrible and beautiful and calmly invites you to give up on avoidance of unpleasant. The urging vocal delivery of those thoughts will be ravishingly backed by brass section and synth-drumming duo.
  • Sisa Feher – vocal, guitar, bass
  • Havårds Aufles – synths
  • Rino Sivathas – drums
  • Daniel Sousa – alto saxophone, vocal
  • Ben Rodney – trumpet

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