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Yasmins Børneafro på Musiktorvet

Meet the Yasmin and her fabulous quintet. When they play no-one can sit still. The music is inspired by various african genres and the audience is invited to sing and dance with the band.

Børnekulturhus Ama'r celebrates the summer and this year's Copenhagen Jazz Festival with 3 days of outdoor music for the whole family on Musiktorvet. Musiktorvet is the official name for the covered space close to our house on Øresundsvej, so there is a dry weather guarantee even though we meet outdoors.

Line up:
  • Vokal - Yasmin Kierkegaard
  • Sax - Jakob Dinesen
  • Guitar - Preben Carlsen
  • Bas - Yasser Pino
  • Perc - Ayi Solomon

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