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Francesca Burattelli

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On the 10th of June 2022, Francesca Burattelli will release her sophomore album ‘Battle Fatigue’.
Released via Copenhagen label Anyines, the album is the Italian singer and composers most expressive and sculpted work to date. It stands as an honest and virtuoso statement on the battle of love and life and places Burattelli as one of the most intriguing artists and vocalists to follow from the Danish music scene.
Dismantling the theme of heartbreak in her debut album 'Condition', Burattelli evolves to a broader conceptual spectrum on ’Battle Fatigue’. The more abstract patchwork compositions from 'Condition' have settled to more well defined pop tracks, co-produced by Villads Klint (Minais B) and Albert Hertz (Aper, Senso). The 11 songs of the album all feature Burattelli’s voice either singing, rapping, speaking or chanting. She does this in both english, danish and her italian mother-tongue, with the slang and dialect of southern Italy appearing in adlib yells ...

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