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Pamela Angela

Free admission

Pamela Angela is a vibrant affair wherein the euphoric is offset by constant interruption, aggression becomes immersed in the romantic. The project is a collaboration between Mia Ghabarou and Àslaug Magnúsóttir. In their multifaceted approach to production, they draw on classical and electronic music, performance art and dramaturgy where heartbreaks meet acusmatic music. PAMELA ANGELA’s live performance is as emotionally intrusive as it is ever evolving. Recurring melodies in alternating constellations of musicians and artists. they are currently spending their time on building instruments, writing scripts and working on a new album which will be released later this year.
Áslaug og Mia both hold a BA degree in electronic composition from the music conservatory in aarhus

Line up:
  • Mia Ghabarou
  • Àslaug Magnúsóttir
  • Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen

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