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Little North

With their captivating cinematic sound and a warm and intense presence, Little North bonds with their audience from the very first note. The sound of the band is way bigger than their classic piano trio constellation suggests. In a melting pot of modern minimalism and Nordic jazz tradition and with an intensity that draws threads to the jazz scene of New York, Little North has what it takes to add the next exciting chapter to the history of Scandinavian jazz.

On the new release ‘Familiar Places’ the trio expands on their already well defined sound.
The energy and warmth of the guitar and raw expressive intention from the trumpet, adds new depths to their musical universe, while the strong sound of the trio makes a continuum. ‘Familiar Places’ present a wide range of emotions and sonic landscapes while continuously diving into the essence of Little North.

"Familiar Places" has received a wealth of praise from reviewers domestically and abroad...

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Line up:
  • Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen – piano
  • Martin Brunbjerg Rasmussen – bass
  • Lasse Jacobsen – drums

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