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Nørgaard, Solomon og Stief musik

Modern Smooth Jazz Traditional Fusion Mainstream DKK 108 DKK. - voksen/ 78 DKK. - børn/studerende


Music with will… for everyone, with the audience as the most important partner.
Fantastic versatile Danish Mads Nørgaard is the new Danish guitar talent who can handle many aspects of the guitar playing. Mads Nørgaard is innovatively wild, creative and colors the trio with his special original ideas. Mads Nørgaard plays i.a. with Lucky Lo and leads his own band Nørgaard Outlet.

Ayi Solomon, percussion, a very special ingenious musician. Ayi Solomon is from Ghana and has been a member of Pierre Dørge's New Jungle Orchestra for many years. Solomon has played with Palle Mikkelborg, Mikkel Nordsø, Lelo Nika, Himmerland and many others.

Legendary Bo Stief who masters both the double bass and the 5-string bass guitar has since 63 played with the best; Don C...

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Line up:
  • Bo Stief - bas
  • Mads Nørgaard - guitar
  • Ayi Solomon - percussion

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