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Mathias Eick Kvintet (NO) – UDSOLGT

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The multi-instrumentalist and composer, Mathias Eick is primarily known for his wistful and mellow trumpet sound, which has made him one of Norway's biggest jazz names. US magazine JazzTimes described the trumpeter’s tone as “plaintive and spare,” while emphasizing that, “like all good bandleaders, his focus is on the interaction of his musicians”. For almost 15 years, he has released the top of modern Nordic jazz, both in own name and as a sideman, on the legendary German record label ECM. The releases "Ravensburg" (2018) and "When We Leave" (2021) mark the start of the collaboration with Håkon Aase (violin), Andreas Ulvo (piano) and Audun Erlien (bass), who are also on stage this evening together with norwegian drum icon Pål Hausken. The releases radiate a lateral artistic hierarchy, where the focus is on the interaction between the musicians rather than individual soloing. A wonderful blend of classic jazz instrumentation with the addition of Nordic folk tone and melanch...

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Line up:
  • Mathias Eick, Håkon Aase, Andreas Ulvo, Audun Erlien, Pål Hausken

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