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Gordan (INT) – Svetlana Spajic, Andi Stecher & Guido Möbius

Traditional Serbian vocals meet minimalism and experimental electronics. Embark on a unique journey with the trio Gordan (Svetlana Spajic, Andi Stecher, Guido Möbius) as they return to ALICE during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival this summer. They bring along their self-titled second studio album, set to be released on the iconic Glitterbeat Records in May.

Doors open at 8PM / concert starts at 9PM

Gordan is a collaboration with the renowned Serbian singer Svetlana Spajic alongside Andi Stecher and Guido Möbius, who are also active in the drum’n’feedback duo GAMS, having debuted on Germany’s Karl Records in 2019. In Gordan, Spajic, Stecher, and Möbius explore the strengths and sensitivities between their respective musical domains, engaging in a constant dialogue between sound and noise, blending traditional Balkan singing with hypnotic drum beats, rich feedback experiments, and cool minimalism.

Svetlana Spajic is internationally known...

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Line up:
  • Svetlana Spajic
  • Andi Stecher
  • Guido Möbius

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