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Os Barbapapas (BRA) + Turist

Imagine Fela Kuti jamming in an upscale bar in a nameless, global metropolis with Martin Denny, but it is on glass harp… While this might sound like a sensationalist figment of an over-heated music journalist’s brain, it is not too far from what Os Barbapapas are able to achieve. The latest attraction from Staatsakt's "outernational“ sub-label Fun In The Church is named after an iconic but weird 1970es French cartoon / animated series about an amorphous, shapeshifting family, Os Barbapapas ail straight from the creative cross-pollination of the Brazilian megalopolis of São Paulo, where improvised music concerts can attract thousands of thrilled listeners in open backyard spaces or musicians are rubbing their shoulders with the up and coming new Bossa Nove superstar Sessa.

The members of Os Barbapapas have traveled to Morocco to learn gnawa, played in circuses and are building their own instruments. Their new album, appropriately named “Enigma” is their second ...

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Line up:
  • Barbara Mucciollo - drums
  • Fernando Lima - percussion
  • Rubens da Selva - electric guitar
  • Tomás Oliveira - glass harp
  • Fernanda Horvath - bass
  • Rasmus Kjær - keyboards, vocals
  • Henriette Sennenvaldt - vocals
  • Jeppe Skovbakke - bass
  • Bjørn Heebøll - drums

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