Petra Sanggaard: “Den æstetiske symmetri ved frosne tårer” / “The aesthetic symmetries in frozen teardrops

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“The aesthetic symmetries in frozen teardrops” is the title of a new piece that examines the music that exists in between the composition and the improvisation, through its cold and melancholic sound palette.
The music is inspired by the contrast between the mathematical structures found in ice crystals, and the chaotic emotionality found in the human being, reflected in the music through several systematic series of pitches, and conceptual improvisation parts.
The music is being played almost in an anarchistic way, where predefined roles and agreements do not exist, but it is up to the individual musicians to find their interpretations and voices in the piece to make the whole thing complete.
All of this, combined with a line-up that can always change, makes it so the piece can live its own existence above the pre-existing idea about how it should be sounding. Here, the piece is no longer bound by a certain sound or genre, but is only defined in its present ...

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Line up:
  • Petra Sanggaard - Trompet
  • Halfdan Stefansson - Guitar
  • Mikkel Wilstrup - Trommer
  • Ronja Andersson - Saxofon
  • Asbjørn Busk Horne - Kontrabas
  • Nina Thordsen - Piano
  • Magnus Wiinblad - Saxofon

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