CPH Guitar Summit 2024 Pt. 3

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Guitar Summit is returning to Metronomen! Its initial launch in Vinterjazz 2024 featured a massive 30 guitarists performing together and a performance with acoustic guitars in Brønshøj Vandtårn featured/will feature 20 acoustic guitars on June 20, 2024. Now this massive guitar ensemble returns with a larger program than ever before!

This time we are looking for participants to perform! Any skill level of guitar is accepted from beginner to expert! Two workshops will be lead by PJ Fossum on July 1st (12-16:00) and July 3rd (12-16:00) for anyone wanting to be part of this massive guitar ensemble! If you want to participate, please write to p.jacob.fossum@gmail.com

The day of the performance will also feature 2 smaller guitar bands first followed by the massive Guitar Summit band:

19:30 TBA
20:15 Slo-mo-mall(And the counterclock guitar guild)
21:00 Guitar Summit

Slo-mo-mall (And the counterclock guitar guild)

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Line up:
  • TBA
  • Slo-mo-mall (And the counterclock guitar guild):
  • - Alfred Lykke - Guitar
  • - Harald Ingvarson - Guitar
  • - Bjørn Nitschke - Guitar
  • - Jeff Wagner -Guitar
  • Guitar Summit
  • PJ Fossum (composer) and a lot of guitarists

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